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Wax Seals - Blooming Crest Collection

Wax Seals - Blooming Crest Collection

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Introduce a beautiful detail to your wedding stationery with wax seals! Our wax seals provide a luxurious, timeless feel to your envelopes that your guests won't soon forget.

Customize with your wedding monogram font that can be found inside your water color crest.  Or choose from a personalized options with florals that will showcase your initial(s).  In addition, blooming floral designs are available that match the collection!  

During the design proof of your stationery, studioACK will work with you on finding the perfect wax seal color to match your font & that pairs well with your envelopes.

Want to order extra for day-of design items or thank you cards?  Choose a higher quantity now to get bulk discount pricing!  studioACK can hold onto your seals until needed, and will provide a credit on your day-of items that use wax seals if you pre-purchase them now!

Approx. 1.25" in diameter; will come with professional grade adhesive backing if studioACK is not assembling for you.

What's Next?

If applicable, after purchase, studioACK will reach out to you via the email provided at checkout to start personalizing and creating proofs for your stationery.

Questions? Want to further customize?

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