Vintage Postage Sets by Color

Vintage Postage Sets by Color

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Make your envelopes (aka your first impression) stand out with a stunning set of vintage stamps to match your theme! Our curated collection of postage sets come in a variety of colors, making it easier than ever to find the perfect set for that special occasion.

These color themes are discounted based on what curating a custom collection would cost because not all the envelopes will have the exact same stamps.  We will use what we have in stock to match your theme & we will be sure to send photos for your approval on the various stamps we plan on using. 

EXTRA VALUE: your stamps will come adhered to all your envelopes!  This is great because dealing with fragile, vintage postage requires a lot of time + skill (it took us a while to master perfectly wetting all those non-adhesive stamp backings).  Plus, you don't have to worry about calculating postage prices for your invitations as studioACK will also take care of that for you!  

Each set will come with 4-6 stamps per envelope that pair with your color palette.

Enjoy the beauty of these timeless stamps and let them add a special touch to your day.

What's Next?

If applicable, after purchase, studioACK will reach out to you via the email provided at checkout to start personalizing and creating proofs for your stationery.

Questions? Want to further customize?

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