Vintage Postage Stamps on light blue and white envelopes in beach theme

Reasons to use Vintage Postage on Wedding Invitations

Are you searching for a unique way to add personality and charm to your wedding invitation suite? Consider incorporating vintage postage into your design.  These will truly wow your guests upon first impression when receiving your invite in the mail.

Using vintage postage stamps on your wedding invitations can enhance the overall aesthetic of your invitation suite while also providing a fun and creative way to personalize your wedding details. These stamps not only look beautiful but also add a great touch of nostalgia and history to your wedding design.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using vintage postage stamps for your wedding invitations:

Unique and eye-catching:

Using vintage postage stamps on your wedding invitations will make your invitations stand out.  Recipients will be intrigued at the amount of detail included on your envelope.  Vintage stamps offer a huge variety of designs compared to what USPS offers at the moment.

Personalized touch:

Vintage stamps offer a perfect opportunity to showcase a couple's personality or wedding theme. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you can use stamps with images of seashells or marine animals.  These can also be personalized to a location.  You can include stamps from the state you are tying the knot in!  Most USPS current stamps won’t match your wedding theme, so if you are obsessed with everything matching, vintage or out of print postage will be the way to go!

Adding history and charm:

Vintage postage adds a historical and romantic element to your wedding invitation. Each stamp tells its story of the era it belongs to.


Vintage Postage Stamps for Wedding on Multiple Envelopes


When using vintage postage stamps, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Make sure that the stamps add up to the correct postage amount needed to mail your invitations, as some stamps may have a lower value than the required amount.  With an accurate postal scale and all the knowledge about what extra postage might be needed, studioACK will help you understand what is needed to make sure your envelopes arrive safely!  Don’t forget that square envelopes or  adding wax seals to the outside of your envelope will result in a non-machinable surcharge.
  2. Ensure that the stamps are in good condition and free from cracks, peels, or rips.  Our collection of stamps is of the highest quality at studioACK!
  3. If you're not experienced with what vintage stamps exist, it can be hard to find something you love in your budget.  An experienced stamp curator will help you create the set of your dreams!  Here at studioACK, we are obsessed with all the vintage designs, and we’d love to curate something custom for you!
  4. Applying vintage stamps can be quite tricky!  Most do not come with typical stickers for application and a wetting method will be required for adhesion.  It’s best to trust a professional to apply these for you as too much water could ruin your beautiful envelopes!  And, too little water could cause your stamps to fall off in the mail.  At studioACK, we can adhere all your stamps for you if you are purchasing your envelopes through us.  If not, reach out about having your envelopes mailed to us & we will be happy to apply them all for you and mail them back.

In conclusion, using vintage postage is an excellent way to add a unique and personal touch to your wedding invitations. By incorporating all the elements we've discussed, you can create a unique invitation suite that perfectly reflects your wedding's style and vision. studioACK is here to help you get creative and have fun with your envelope postage design.

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